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Bellwether is a People Counting and Footfall Monitoring Software Company

First founded in 2014, Bellwether is a tight knit team of retail experts. What started in New Zealand as a small family run company has quickly grown into a global operation.  As a company we pride

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Integrate into point-of-sale (POS)
and add value to your footfall data

Target lost
sale opportunities

Software that gets results and drives success for your space

With the Bellwether software you will be able to identify missed sale opportunities as well as spot where your team may be letting you down and need further training.

Smart software that integrates easily with your existing tech stack

All data can be downloaded into .csv format or exported as required. This can be beneficial if you currently prepare management reports and graphs in other programs such as Power BI or Excel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my current people counter and still access the Bellwether Software?

If you already have a supported people counter installed, we will be able to redirect its data stream toward us. There are a few different pathways (depending on your current tech) so make sure you speak with us before you buy.

Can I import my past data into Bellwether?

Absolutely. Get in touch with our friendly team at any point during the onboarding process to arrange this.

How do I integrate my POS system with Bellwether?

The majority of POS providers (including Shopify, Vend, Lightspeed and others) can provide an API feed into Bellwether. We will handle this for you- no tech wizardry required.

How will the people counter be installed?

If you purchase online you'll have contractor you use for installing. If you would like us to manage the install, contact us for a full installation quote in your area..


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