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Can Truly Epic Customer Service be Trained?

Truly EPIC customer service: Can it be taught or do some employees just “have it” and some don’t?

While there are certainly some people out there who should never, ever be in a customer facing role…like EVER! On a whole, we believe that yes truly epic customer service can be taught. 

It all comes down to preparing your team with a tool kit of responses, tips and tricks they can lean on, when the right situation presents itself. The goal is to build out your team's customer service toolkit to be antifragile and deeply comprehensive. 

We’ve put together a playlist of some of the core best practices that go into brilliant retail customer service! If you’d like access, simply enter your email address below and we’ll send it right over!

Operating on the belief that great customer service is an attainable skill for everyone in your team, no matter what their experience level, this starts to open up a whole new can of worms. 

How do you, as a retail leader, go about measuring the level of implementation your teams are taking on-board? 

Of course the topic of KPIs will come up at your next management meeting, but really how many times have you seen KPI’s set without any context around if those goals are relevant or even achievable. 

Then there is a question of where you are able to compromise…do you let ATV suffer but drive conversion, or focus on ATV or price while your CR takes a wobble. 

If your KPIs are unbalanced, worse still, completely unachievable, your staff performance in store will become fragmented and your store performance as well as customer experience will suffer. 

Then comes the question of how do you measure all this. How do you, as a retail leader, measure who is performing well vs who may need a little more support? How do you measure if all that training, and the cost you’re putting into it, is even making an impact on your store’s performance at all. 

What about the minor detail of: Every single person in your team will have a slightly different learning style.

Truly epic customer service cannot be taught in a linear fashion. Everyone will take training onboard at a different speed depending on their experience level.

To build on this, retail in nature is ever changing. With staff turnover, a simple fact of life, how do you build training around your in-store customer service, that sets staff up to avoid the vacuum 

When it comes down to it, 89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience. (Salesforce Research) and 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service. (HubSpot Research). 

So how can Bellwether help? 

Bellwether is a retail analytics tool that allows you to monitor foot traffic data in-store, track performance and drive sales.

With Bellwether's cloud based software, you can identify critical missed sale opportunities and power growth in your DPV, ATV, IPT as well as spot instances where your team may be letting you down and need further training or support. 

If you’d like a little more information on how Bellwether can help uplift your retail team and improve the customer experience in your bricks and mortar retail store, let us know today!


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