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Counting people throughout your facilities and public spaces

Power growth in your community, support funding, grants and program expansion.

The first choice for facilities and public spaces

Bellwether is the first choice for facility managers and council departments hoping to count people in facilities and public spaces both inside as well as outdoor venues.

Shopping Malls & Centres

Service provider for malls, shopping precincts and department stores.

Public Spaces

Servicing parks, CBD's and community spaces, both indoor and outdoor. 

Museums & Galleries 

Solutions for art galleries, exhibition halls and museums. 

Airports & Banks

With security and data protection as our highest priority, trusted provider for airports and banks. 

Co-Working Spaces

Service solutions for your co-working and shared spaces. 

Tourism & Local Attractions

Powering growth in local attractions and visitor centers. 

Drive engagement in your community

Real time reporting

Our data feeds are updated every 15 minutes regardless of your subscription.

Multiple users

Pay per entrance and nothing more. We do not charge a per-user fee, for multiple users.

Download data

All data can be downloaded into .csv format for seamlessly integrated reporting.

Eliminate false enters
and inaccuracies in your data

Rule based counting

Our calibration tool allows us to get very specific and create rules within the system to eliminate false enters as well as distinguish between adults vs. children and individuals who come in with a group.

We can work with your team to establish any specialty rules required to optimize your sensor set up.

Benefits of monitoring your footfall visitation and sales data 

Identify opportunity

Identify “low hanging fruit” and seize hidden opportunities where you can potentially be making a lot more money. 

Improve experiences

Take your visitor or customer experience to the next level by getting dialed into what makes your customers tick.

Support your team

Hold your team accountable as well as spot instances where your staff may require additional support. 

Purchase or leasing options available

Pricing and payment plans supporting a range of options depending on what will work best for you and your space. Talk to our friendly team today to find the best plan for you.


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