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Bellwether pricing and plans

Manage visitor data, count customers and access your retail POS analytics with one simple solution

Smart software
and accurate hardware

Everything you need all in one place

Bellwether's all in one analytics system requires a connection to your people counting sensor. If your space does not have sensors, talk to us about a Bellwether sensor solution today. Talk to us today for Bellwether pricing and plans to suit every space with both purchase and leasing options available. 

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Directional Automatic Counting

Remote Monitoring

24/7 Access

24/7 Access

24/7 Access

Supports multiple users




Adults Vs Children

API Integration

Auditable w/ Validations

Independent Network

Data Download

Real Time Reporting

Dollars per visitor (DPV) tile

Data literacy training resources

Have a question or specific requirements?

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Drive engagement in your community

Real time reporting

Our data feeds are updated every 15 minutes regardless of your subscription.

Multiple users

Pay per entrance and nothing more. We do not charge a per-user fee, for multiple users.

Download data

All data can be downloaded into .csv format for seamlessly integrated reporting.

Purchase or leasing options available

Pricing and payment plans supporting a range of options depending on what will work best for you and your space. Talk to our friendly team today to find the right fit for your and the team.

Benefits of monitoring your footfall visitation and sales data 

Identify opportunity

Identify “low hanging fruit” and seize hidden opportunities where you can potentially be making a lot more money. 

Improve experiences

Take your visitor or customer experience to the next level by getting dialed into what makes your customers tick.

Support your team

Hold your team accountable as well as spot instances where your staff may require additional support. 


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