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No people counting tech? No problem. 

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We support manual footfall counting

Bellwether needs your footfall number so you can leverage the full scope of our analytics system, if you don't have a people counting sensor or would like to stick to a manual counting method that's no problem at all with our manual upload tool. 

Talk to our team to
choose your solution

With Capex and SOL options available, we have pricing plans to suit every space. 

We'll organise your installation
and calibrate your device

We'll organise all the details for you, including organise your installation and device calibration. 

Coach your teams better with broad analysis and reporting capabilities

We'll help you choose the right goals for your space and provide 24/7 support.

You might be wondering...

Do I need people counting tech to use the Bellwether software? 

Yes you do! For our software to work to full capacity we need your daily total footfall count. This can be collected through your current hardware, such as a break beam or if you'd prefer you can count your patrons manually and just load in your daily total by hand. 

What does the installation entail?

Typically takes about half an hour for a simple installation. Our technicians will come to your site with a ladder, they’ll mount the sensor about half a meter out from your entryway and connect it to the nearest power plug. It's that simple! If you'd like to organise your own installation we can also guide you through this process. 

What if my space doesn't have power because it's outdoors? 

If you'd like to get a bit intrepid and monitor an outdoor space for instance or perhaps a toilet block that doesn't have a power source, Bellwether provides solar powered solutions as well. Simply let our team know this is what you might need. 

Do the Bellwether sensors have facial recognition?

Bellwether is a GDPR compliant product and does not have facial recognition capabilities. 

Let us help your space flow. 

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