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Secret Weapon for Retailers

Helping thousands of global brands find growth with smart footfall sensors for retail people counting. 

Supporting Retailers from just $4.89 Per Day

Integrate with Your POS System

If you don't see your POS system here, don't worry...we integrate with many more and can
build a custom integration as required. 

The Future of Customer Counting Analytics

Bellwether is embedded into our Retail Operation, from Brand and Marketing through to Sales.


What to expect?

Are you interested in retail people counting for your bricks and mortar store? Here is what to expect if you are a retailer getting started with Bellwether.

Install the Sensor

Use your own electrician or contact a Bellwether approved installer. All retail people counting sensor kits come with easy to follow instructions. You can skip this step if you already have an approved Customer Counting Device

Hibernation Phase

We recommend taking 21 days to capture data without telling the team. This creates a clean line of unbiased benchmarks.

Unleash Opportunity

Instantly begin to make changes based on the benchmark data. Our software is set up to help you get wins on the board quickly.

Get Up and Running Easily

Use our people counting sensors, or connect to your own. 


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