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Why Everyone Should Work in Retail (at least once)

We really love retail! It’s kind of our thing and we’re super passionate about the possibilities retail presents.

There is endless potential for change and innovation in the retail industry and we kind of geek out about it. 

You may have gotten into retail by picking up some part time hours in a local store to simply fill the day, earn a bit of spending money and pay some bills or cover your study expenses but working in retail is setting you up for life. 

If you’re working in retail you’re getting an intricate understanding of how to talk to people, especially in a customer service experience. Delivering exceptional customer service will be a skill applicable in whatever industry you find yourself in. 

Retail teaches you the importance of getting organized.

With stock deliveries, online orders, click and collect, after pay as well as all the day to day tasks that are required to keep things moving along you become extremely operationally savvy with the capacity to spin many plates at one time, skills crucial to project management, product management and great leadership. 

Last but not least, retail is the number one best playground for developing your sales skills. No you may not think of yourself as a “salesperson” fact you may loathe the idea. 

However the simple truth remains, sales and learning how to sell is one of the most valuable life skills you can ever learn. If you can sell well, you will be successful anywhere. 

These are just a few of the many reasons why retail is one of the most underrated industries that EVERYONE should work in and experience at least for a small time during their career's lifetime.


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