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We focus on Accurate Hardware and Smart Software


New Zealand Software & USA Hardware Suppliers

Are you looking for accurate hardware and smart software that will enable you to leverage the footfall data in your space, to maximize profits and enhance your customer or visitor experiences?

Kiwi based Innovation

New Zealanders are known for their innovative mindsets. Access Bellwether and experience first hand what Retail Innovation looks and feels like.

Strong Hardware

Our Camera Tech is manufactured in the United States of America. That means it's solid and robust and we don't have to worry about your privacy being compromised.

Remote Audits
& Personal Validation

In the people counting industry there are a lot of false claims. We pride ourselves on our accurate hardware and smart software so if you ever feel like the counts are wrong, ring our team and you can rest assured we will personally handle the validations.

  • Our customers trust us with the accuracy

  • Our accuracy validation process is transparent

  • We value accuracy above everything else

What We Offer


Here are a quick list of questions, we get asked a lot. 

Can I use my current people counter and still access the Bellwether Software?

If you already have a supported people counter installed, we will be able to redirect its data stream toward us. There are a few different pathways (depending on your current tech) so make sure you speak with us before you buy.

Can I import my past data into Bellwether?

Absolutely. Get in touch with our friendly team at any point during the onboarding process to arrange this.

Can I send Bellwether data to another service?

Yes you can. Bellwether has a robust RESTful API which can send data wherever you require.

How do I integrate my POS system with Bellwether?

The majority of POS providers (including Shopify, Vend, Lightspeed and others) can provide an API feed into Bellwether. We will handle this for you- no tech wizardry required.

How will the people counter be installed?

If you purchase online you'll have contractor you use for installing. If you would like us to manage the install, contact us for a full installation quote in your area..


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