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Accurate, auditable, technology

for monitoring your space

The Bellwether analytics tool helps you drive profit and improve experiences in your space.

Focus your business with accurate hardware and smart software  

Accurate data

3D Lens provides high accuracy rates, consistently monitored at above 95%.

POS integrated

Seamlessly Integrate your Point of Sale data to unlock full visibility in your space’s metrics

Independent network

The Bellwether system is independent to your IT infrastructure. 

Smart software

Bellwether software is easy to use and simple to install in your space.

Industry leading,
footfall monitoring

Wouldn't you like more visibility into what's really going on 
in your space?



Accurate counting, consistently monitored, discrete overhead mounting.

Distinguish between adults vs children with directional automatic counting.

Hardware is both indoor and outdoor suitable.

Incredibly accurate,
counting people not phones

Build your business with data driven decisions, that
grow profits



Real time reporting that supports multiple users.

Independent cloud based network with remote monitoring capabilities. 

Reporting that's centric to managers and integrates seamlessly. 

Built by kiwi's,
and exported globally

New Zealand software
partnering with US hardware 

Around the world, New Zealand is well known for coming up with smart solutions to complex problems, our software is no exception. Designed and built in New Zealand, by Kiwi Innovators,  our team strives to reflect this global reputation. 

With privacy, security and accuracy as our top priorities, we knew we needed the most reliable and robust sensor technology to couple with our software. This is why we have our tech manufactured in the United States of America. 

Benefits of monitoring your footfall visitation and sales data 

Identify opportunity

Identify “low hanging fruit” and seize hidden opportunities where you can potentially be making a lot more money. 

Improve experiences

Take your visitor or customer experience to the next level by getting dialed into what makes your customers tick.

Support your team

Hold your team accountable as well as spot instances where your staff may require additional support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my current people counter and still access the Bellwether Software?

If you already have a supported people counter installed, we will be able to redirect its data stream toward us. There are a few different pathways (depending on your current tech) so make sure you speak with us before you buy.

Can I import my past data into Bellwether?

Absolutely. Get in touch with our friendly team at any point during the onboarding process to arrange this.

How do I integrate my POS system with Bellwether?

The majority of POS providers (including Shopify, Vend, Lightspeed and others) can provide an API feed into Bellwether. We will handle this for you- no tech wizardry required.

How will the people counter be installed?

If you purchase online you'll have contractor you use for installing. If you would like us to manage the install, contact us for a full installation quote in your area..

What makes us different?

We make
things easy

Running your business is complicated enough, your software doesn't need to be. We pride ourselves on how easy it is to get started with Bellwether in your space. 

We're here
to help

Have a question? Looking for support? With Bellwether, one of our Customer Support Team will respond to you as soon as possible every time!

Security is our
top priority

We understand that keeping our customers data and privacy, protected and secure at all times is our most important responsibility. 

Spaces everywhere are already making smarter business decisions with Bellwether

Ready to join them? Get started in under 5 minutes.


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