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Museums & Art Galleries

Increase and monitor visitor numbers to improve your museums & art galleries exhibition engagement.

Purchase and Leasing Options Available

Know how many people have entered, or still within your building.

Mounted above the entry, with no noise alert for customer.

Publish reports and graphs providing insights into visitor numbers and space utilization.

Completely automated. No need to rely on staff to input data, it's always there.

Access Visitor and Traffic metrics for budgets and funding submissions.

98% plus accuracy rates. We guarantee this and provide transparency.

The Future of Visitor Counting Analytics

What to expect?

Getting started with Bellwether if you own a museum, gallery or exhibit. 

Install the Sensor

Use your own electrician or contact a Bellwether approved installer. All kits come with easy to follow instructions. You can skip this step if you already have an approved Customer Counting Device

Input Historical Data

If you have another system with historic data, we will work with you to transfer it across onto the Bellwether platform. Limiting any data gaps.

Find Improvements

Start analyzing your data to make smarter decisions on rostering and space utilization.

Get Up and Running Easily

Use our people counting sensors, or connect to your own. 


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