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Success in serving
your customers

Assurance your associates are closing as many retail sales opportunities that they can.

Ignoring Customers

Tired of your team ignoring customers and losing your business money on lost sales? 

Poor Service 

Feeble and insufficient salesmanship letting down the brand and impacting your bottom line?  

Failing to Close Sales

Missing those moments and not asking for the sale. 

Hesitant Upselling

Derived from poor confidence and a lack of know how around basic retail selling strategies.  

Helping American retailers provide amazing customer service and beat the corporations

We care about small business
and supporting local stores

Smart software
USA hardware 

Bellwether is a retail analytics tool that allows you to monitor foot traffic data in-store, track performance and drive sales. Identify missed sale opportunities and power growth in your DPV, ATV, IPT as well as spot instances where your team may be letting you down and need further training or support.

Smart analytics software
and accurate footfall monitoring

Ultimate store solution for retail success

Bellwether's all in one analytics system requires a connection to your people counting sensor. If your retail space does not have sensors, talk to us about a Bellwether sensor solution today. Pricing and plans to suit every shop space with both purchase and leasing options available. 

Stores across the USA are already making smarter business decisions with Bellwether

Ready to join them? Get started in under 5 minutes.

Benefits of monitoring your
store's footfall and sales data 

Identify opportunity

Identify “low hanging fruit” and seize hidden opportunities where you can potentially be making a lot more money. 

Improve experiences

Take your visitor or customer experience to the next level by getting dialed into what makes your customers tick.

Support your team

Hold your team accountable as well as spot instances where your staff may require additional support. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my current people counter and still access the Bellwether Software?

If you already have a supported people counter installed, we will be able to redirect its data stream toward us. There are a few different pathways (depending on your current tech) so make sure you speak with us before you buy.

Can I import my past data into Bellwether?

Absolutely. Get in touch with our friendly team at any point during the onboarding process to arrange this.

How do I integrate my POS system with Bellwether?

The majority of POS providers (including Shopify, Vend, Lightspeed and others) can provide an API feed into Bellwether. We will handle this for you- no tech wizardry required.

How will the people counter be installed?

If you purchase online you'll have contractor you use for installing. If you would like us to manage the install, contact us for a full installation quote in your area..


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