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Bellwether pricing and plans

Manage visitor data, count customers and access your retail POS analytics with one simple solution.




per month / billed monthly 

Lite features include...

✅ Cloud based dashboard

✅ Data download

✅ Unlimited Users

✅ 24/5 live support

❌ Does not include hardware



per month / billed annually

Lite features, plus...

✅ POS integration

✅ Live conversion data

✅  Identify missed sales

✅ Dollars per visitor

✅ 24/5 live support

❌ Does not include hardware


per month / billed annually

Standard features, plus...

✅ Rostering integration

✅ Workforce planning

✅ Staff to customer analysis

✅ Forecast growth

✅ Add context and notes

✅ Data literacy resources

✅ Access 1:1 coaching

❌ Does not include hardware

Hardware solutions 

Bellwether's all in one analytics system requires a connection to your people counting sensor. If your space does not have sensors, talk to us about a Bellwether sensor solution today. 



per month / billed monthly

Sensor Service Operating Lease

✅Cost includes installation, maintenance, and support. 

✅48 month term (unless otherwise arranged) 

✅No relocation fee unless as specified

❌ Does not include software subscription



Buy sensor outright / one time purchase

Capex Pricing

✅ Installation by our service technicians available for extra cost of $500

✅ Annual accuracy check

✅ 1 year service warranty

❌ Does not include software subscription

Compare plans in detail




Directional Automatic Counting

Remote Monitoring

24/7 Access

24/7 Access

24/7 Access

Supports multiple users




Adults Vs Children

API Integration

Auditable w/ Validations

Independent Network

Data Download

Real Time Reporting

Dollars per visitor (DPV) tile

Data literacy training resources

Safety & Security




Secure cloud-based data storage

Sort, filter and export data





Upload users via CSV file

Check last login time and login frequency

Settings & Management




Create cohorts for regional management

Customizable roles and permissions

Multi-location roster support management





Email support and help center access

24/5 live chat support

Full Customer Success onboarding

Dedicated Account Manager

Bespoke onboarding and implementation plan

Have a question or specific requirements?

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Integrations and set up

Bellwether integrations with almost every mainstream POS system. If you don't see your space's POS system here below or you're operating on a custom built setup, let us know and we'll work with our in-house development team to build a custom integration. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my current people counter and still access the Bellwether Software?

If you already have a supported people counter installed, we will be able to redirect its data stream toward us. There are a few different pathways (depending on your current tech) so make sure you speak with us before you buy.

Can I import my past data into Bellwether?

Absolutely. Get in touch with our friendly team at any point during the onboarding process to arrange this.

How do I integrate my POS system with Bellwether?

The majority of POS providers (including Shopify, Vend, Lightspeed and others) can provide an API feed into Bellwether. We will handle this for you- no tech wizardry required.

How will the people counter be installed?

If you purchase online you'll have contractor you use for installing. If you would like us to manage the install, contact us for a full installation quote in your area..

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