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Unlock Market Stats data access for your stores

The inside scoop on your store's performance.

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Pricing is per region or by package. Your subscription will be charged on a monthly basis. 

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Within 24 hrs of receiving your request, we'll send you a payment portal so you can subscribe. 

Access your market stats

Unlock your competitive advantage and start using market stats to win the game. 

Are you leading the market? Or chasing it? 

Use the Market Stats addon to install confidence around your trade momentum. Subscribe today so you can start taking proactive steps to protect your profit margins. 

Critical brand measure

Get a clear bearing on the market and a definitive indication if you're leading or chasing the market.

Proxy for marketing success

Keep your teams informed while conducting trade meetings throughout the week. Stay on track and ensure your brand alignment is to the live trading environment. 

Let us help you grow. 

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