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Bellwether retailers are experiencing revenue growth of +40% and higher!

What is poor customer service costing your store? 

Bellwether is the coach your team needs! Monitor critical KPIs, get early alerts on underperformance and start closing more retail sales today!

Meet sales associate Steve, he's pretty average at closing a sale...  

Crikey... Steve's closing skills are a 5/10. If your ATV is $50, over 1,000 customers, Steve is generating $25,000 for your business.

Now say Steve got a bit of a tune up on his closing skills...

Now hear us out...if Steve had top-notch closing skills and was scoring 7/10s, he could generate $35k from those same customers. 

Turns out...Steve is costing your store $10k in missed sales!

Elevate team performance on the shop floor with Bellwether, utilising smart real-time retail insights to boost your retail revenue!

The cost of not closing, is too risky to get wrong

Closing a sale is the most critical and yet most challenging of any retail interaction.

Track and monitor your lost sales

Bellwether will empower you to effectively monitor lost conversion opportunities and improve your core KPI's, maximising your retail revenue. 

Unlock peak store performance

Take your store insights and turn them into actions by elevating your store teams retail selling strategy. See immediate results, with real-time insights from a dashboard that drives winning retail strategies. 

Let us help your store get savvy!

Get started by booking a free demo. Start powering growth in your business with Bellwether Retail Analytics.


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