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Accurately monitor your museums, galleries, events and exhibitions.

Monitor visitor footfall numbers, to improve your event engagement and justify funding.

Purchase and leasing options available

Get started with Bellwether in under
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What to expect installing Bellwether in your museum or gallery space? 


We'll organize your installation. All Bellwether Kits come with easy to follow installation instructions if you'd like to DIY your install. Alternatively we can send a Bellwether approved technician to your site to install your sensor for you. 

Calibration & Remote Set-Up

Historical data and remote calibration. If you have another system with historic data, we will work with you to transfer it across onto the Bellwether platform. Limiting any data gaps. From here our technicians will calibrate your sensor remotely and give you and your team dashboard logins.

Support & Training

Final improvements and on-going support. Start analyzing your data to make smarter decisions on rostering and space utilization. We'll be here to provide support, data coaching and dashboard training where and when needed. 

Smart software
and accurate hardware

All the footfall reporting you need all in one place

Bellwether's all in one analytics system requires a connection to your people counting sensor. If your space does not have sensors, talk to us about a Bellwether sensor solution today. Talk to us today for Bellwether pricing and plans to suit every space with both purchase and leasing options available. 

The future of visitor counting analytics

Real Time Occupancy

Know how many people have entered, exited or are still within your building.

Management Reports

Publish reports and graphs providing insights into visitor numbers and space utilization.

Budget and Funding

Access visitor numbers and foot traffic metrics for budgets and funding submissions.

Discreet Counting

Mounted above the entry, with no disruptive noise alert for visitors.

Automated Data Collection

Completely automated. No need to rely on staff to manually input data, it's always there.

High Accuracy Rates

95% plus accuracy rates. We guarantee this and provide transparency across all of your reporting. 

Drive engagement in your museum and gallery spaces

Accurate data

3D Lens provides high accuracy rates, consistently monitored at above 95%.

Easy to use software

No need for extensive training, our software is easy and intuitive to use. 

Smart integrations

Integrate with other providers such as Power BI, to enable cross channel reporting. 

Purchase or leasing options available

Pricing and payment plans supporting a range of options depending on what will work best for you and your space. Talk to our friendly team today to find the right fit for your and the team.


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